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The Center For Energy Healing -
The office opened in Driggs, Idaho early 2011.

(Direct Mail)PO Box 607, Driggs, ID 83422

(Physical Location) 60 Ashley Ave. Suite A, Driggs, ID

Words of Wisdom

“If you would think upon the function of love scientifically, think of it as a reversal transference-a point of function where two complementary forces, in the presence of a third stabilizing factor, exchange modes and one becomes the other. This is primary magnetism and compression. Love is first, foremost, and always, because love calls everything into assembly. The physical agent is magnetism. The power applied to physical existence is compression. Since you are part of that energy, you do not have to generate or manipulate it mechanically. What you have to do is stabilize your connection with it through self-awareness and acknowledgment...
“At the point of perfect stasis between the implicit and the explicit, there is a condition of hyper-synchronicity, where matter, energy, space, and time move into a ‘no-resistance’ mode of infinite potential. This is the synchronizing of it to a ‘zero point’ of perfect stasis. Understand that ‘zero point’, is not about ‘nothingness’. It’s a designation of infinity. Perfect stasis is perfect equilibrium: The Holy NOW, from which everything takes shape."
LOVE WITHOUT END-Jesus Speaks, By Glenda Green 1998

Health & Wellness Certified Healing Practitioner

Patricia (SoLaMeé) Heneage

Author of "THE SPIRAL TO NOW: It's a Journey of Awakening,"

Third Edition