"The process of building faith is indeed the process of journeying home, for as you bring yourself into alignment with this river of life and build an inner foundation of faith that becomes a natural expression of your being, you will discover something that has always been true. You will find that you not only brought yourself into alignment with the river of your life, but that you have BEEN the river of life all along."…"So as we pass the gift of love to you, as you draw it in, it joins with you, you pass it to the next and it joins with them. And what ends up happening is that from the tiniest droplet as a starting point, we will serve to quench the thirst of the world.” INTERVIEW WITH AN ANGEL, by Stevan Thayer & Linda Sue Nathanson PhD


Health & Wellness Certified Healing Practitioner

SoLaMeé - Patricia Heneage

What is HEALING?
“When you support, enhance, and magnify life, healing will follow. Life is the source of health and happiness. Life is not only in you, but all around you in abundant supply. The true reserves of energy are maintained, magnified, and distributed because of unity, and the Whole sustains all its parts.

A healer is merely a facilitator who brings forth a greater abundance of life and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Anyone can heal who remembers his or her union with God. Love and faith accomplish this, although consciousness plays an important part because it supplies the information and understanding to administer to life more effectively. Otherwise, all procedures are only temporary measures. Skilled treatment can arrest disease and trigger awareness in the body that healing is now being supported and requested.

Ultimately, all cures come from a greater Cause. The miracle of life is that the whole remembers and supports all of life within it. The parts and the systems do not have to recreate themselves or repair themselves. The Whole remembers and loves. To redeem any part of your life you only need to remember the Whole and honor it. The Whole will remember you and honor You.” THE KEYS OF JESHUA, (Words of Jesus) by Glenda Green, Ch.21 “The Miracle of Life”

ANGELS- What are they? How are they related to Energy Therapy?

By Patricia (SoLaMeé) Heneage

When doing Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions, I feel the energy flow, opening things up, spreading a deep sense of peace throughout my mind and heart. Calling on the higher energies, more commonly known as the domain of Angels, activates this energetic flow. 

In my years of experience I have come to view angels as always that which improves communication with TRUTH, about yourself, your source, your world. They speak to you through your heart and wait on your willingness to act on things with courage and faith. Think on the rays of light and all its spectrum of colors both seen and unseen. They are behind everything in creation and yet their home/Reality is not here.

I delight in their warmth & vision! Angels also encourage the flow of communion with WHAT IS right NOW available. Infinite possibilities are with us, and will occur through our heart/mind's playful expression if we realize we are always connected to those possibilities. 

Imagine that everything in the cosmos is a field of light and information emanating from a pattern of some kind. Science has begun to call these patterns of energy within each form or collective of forms, a morphogenesis field. In the transformative healing practice of Matrix Energetics, these patterns of energy are called morphic fields. Those that bring healing emerge from quantum levels of reality and feel joyous to interact with!


Marguerite C.

"I've known SoLaMee' as a friend for several years and have used her remarkable healing skills when needed. Her knowledge is broad and her ethics, impeccable. Recently, I faced some significant health challenges and she was able to help me get to the energetic root and clear it, through a few phone sessions. I recommend her services in person or by phone to anyone seeking to get beyond the physical symptoms to a deeper level of energetic healing. Heartfelt Thanks!"

Debra D.

​"A very fulfilling, insightful session. I definitely felt better afterwards. I felt stronger and clearer."

Polly G. 
“So la meé, I’m so glad I met you and you worked with me at the ME seminar. It was the highlight for me. I don’t know if you installed those wings on me or just allowed them to unfold, but because of that, I am still alive. I know that sounds dramatic but an extremely interesting thing happened to me as we were getting home yesterday. I started up the stairs with three things in my hands. I completely lost my balance and

started to fall backwards. At that moment something pushed me in the back, so that I started to fall forward instead and then I caught myself on the front storm door. This was miraculous to me because, had I fallen backwards from where I was on the steps, I would have either broken my neck, my back or cracked my skull open. I am amazed at how the angels are watching over me. And I believe that your working with me helped to open me up to more possibilities and the providence of angels. Thank you!”

Oleta C.  
 "Last summer I was lucky enough or directed enough to walk into Solameé's booth that she had at the 4th

of July Crafts Fair in Victor, ID. Over the past months I have had the pleasure of her healing work and have taken total advantage of the weekly meditations and monthly gatherings. I trust her Gift, I trust her training, her words and her actions, but most of all, I trust her! I would recommend her and her work to any and everyone."

Jeanne A. 
 "It has been nearly a month since my first session with Solameé. I rarely find it difficult to come up with the words to adequately reflect the impact of a relatively short encounter -- but that's the situation I find myself in..... Amazingly, my takeaway was so strong that not a day passes without me considering the lessons I learned and the whole experience. I will be doing it again!"

Lorrie Lee W. 
 "Each session with Solameé brings a deep sense of being grounded and connected with my “self.” My mind

is more than quiet, my body is relaxed/but alert and there is a deep experiencing of just being present. A heightened sense of awareness is evident as I see my surroundings in a way I hadn’t “noticed” before.

Colors are more vibrant, and details appear that I am amazed I have missed previously. Solameé creates a safe, nurturing environment that allows for my complete release into the restful state that happens as Solameé is working. The long-standing effects of a healing session with Solameé are intrinsically linked to her ability to love and accept each person, as they are, with no judgment. I not only experienced this, but I leave each session with a sense of self-appreciation, self love, and an inspiring energy about life and all it can offer."

Colette C. 
 "Solameé is wonderful. Her gentle touch, paired with her deep concentration and focus on one's energy and healing process is superb. After one session with Solameé I felt realigned, safe, content, and refueled with love to share in the World. Thank you kindly for this unique and soothing experience!"

Carrie S. 
 "I've enjoyed a number of sessions with Solameé and although they're all different, I have totally enjoyed each one. As she works I try to sense whether she's using ME or IET - it's impossible to know. The sensation is so soothing that I become lost in waves of total relaxation. Even my busy mind settles down to join the soothing ride. Often our discussion after the session reveals that my sensations jive with what she was noticing and together we draw conclusions that are extremely helpful in the long run. I look forward to enjoying future sessions and greatly value our friendship as well as her talent and knowledge in these healing modalities. Take the plunge - make an appointment with Solameé. You'll be glad you did!"

Jennifer L. 
 "Hi Solameé! I'm so glad you're enjoying my artwork.  As for the session, well! I have been feeling really awesomely good in my body since that session. Maybe not instantaneously but progressively better. I've

even battled off a cold/flu or something pretty successfully this past week. I feel like I haven't felt in a number of years. I've had a lot of body work in the past couple of months of all kinds AND my financial life has become immensely less stressed, so it's probably a combination of all those wonderful things. It was great! Thanks!" Jenny

Liz D. 
 "I personally have the pleasure to have known Solameé now for 35 years. She is extremely in-tune with this earth, mind, body and soul. Although I didn't completely understand the methods she described, I do totally trust her and decided I wanted to try a Matrix Energetics session. I have to say my appointment was one of the most incredible experiences I've had in a long time. Vivid colors relaxed my mind as I felt the energy flow through my body. My constant back pain subsided. I could actually feel the knot being reduced in my back

as the pain gathered in my hand. I felt more and more calm. The knot then exited my body via my hand and complete peacefulness filled my entire body. This feeling has stayed with me for weeks. Your time will be

well spent as she heals your body and mind using the Matrix Energetic's methods."

EARLY BOOK REVIEWS (visit www.thespiraltonow.com for more information)

Jeanmarie D. 
"Hi SoLaMee: I'm so proud of your accomplishment! Congratulations on your wonderful book.(The Spiral to NOW: It's a Journey of Awakening) I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great read no matter where one is on the path. A job well done!"

Lynn G. 
"Wonderful, wonderful book! (The Spiral to NOW: It's a Journey of Awakening) Makes me want to be a participant in my own life again. Your story is an inspiration and I'm proud to get my life back. Thank you SoLaMee!"