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SoLaMeé is a MATRIX ENERGETICS Level 4 Advanced Certified Practitioner since 2010. She is  also trained in Master Harmonic Resonance Technology. She is an INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY Certified Master Instructor since 2009. She has 30 years of training and experience in the field of meditation, multidimensional consciousness, energy work, intuitive guidance and counseling.

SoLaMeé  Heneage


Healing work Testimonial
August 16, 2020, Pete Henderson
Hey wonderful sister SoLaMee, I really want to thank you for all you have done for me to help me through these extremely difficult times. I want to thank you for coming down to Lake Tahoe to see me over the years and giving me amazing energy session experiences. Through your gift from God you use the power of the universe to see and heal through the universal energy.  You’re able to tap into to help and healing in all aspects of my situation. It's truly amazing how it has helped me to fight this cancer and dozens of other things I've been through in the last 15 years! Please continue to use your gift to heal this world right now. It couldn't be more important than now! Your energy sessions are truly amazing and take you to places unseen and rarely looked at, helping oneself to see and open up to new understandings of life and why we're here and the journey it's taken to get here. Keep up with the wonderful healing energy work that you have acquired over your many years of learning many different modalities! Look forward to another session soon and I love you, God bless!  (For more testimonials click here)

SoLaMeé (Patricia Heneage) is the business owner of ENERGY HEALS, and a certified advanced practitioner.

SoLaMeé is the author of

"THE SPIRAL TO NOW: It's a Journey of Awakening, Expanded Fourth Edition" Copyright 2015-2019.


Health & Wellness Certified Healing Practitioner

SoLaMeé - Patricia Heneage

The client is asked to lie down on a massage table face up, while soothing music plays in the background. This allows for a comfortable undoing of past patterns, issues and associations. During an intuitive scan, energy also begins to flow into specific areas of your body's cellular memory by means of gentle therapeutic touch. A whole spectrum of possibilities in insight, technique and guidance are used to gently access the fields of light and information.

Each session moves to a deeper level and has been known to "get the issues out of your tissues" for good. In Integrated Energy Therapy, the first session will likely be focused on clearing the limitations and pain from your past. Future sessions can help your life's inner vision and dreams come alive. At the end of an energy session, it is typical to feel relaxed, recharged and refreshed.


Discover infinite possibilities within the Mind,

Body and Spirit- Within the healing art of transformation, consciousness brings awareness, not treatment, to the body systems; it is all about improving communication and vitality within any pattern of energy.  This can allow you to calibrate energetically in relation to everything in your world. Change happens when we allow energy to move and be released from the past. Each moment there IS wholeness. Source energy or the light of creation is always present and available. It is the energy that heals. You can access everything you need through the heart's awareness within the unfolding power of moment to moment creation. Be in that field of possibility.

When scanning an individual, disease and trauma patterns are sensed sometimes during a session. They can be interpreted as disruptions in the natural order or flow of energy which creates and sustains our individual reality. Healthy energy is also sensed and can become an important factor in the flow of information that is received. Each person brings a unique quality into the quantum healing dynamic. Matrix Energetics is a universal consciousness based model that offers a vast array of energetic possibilities for the recipient. We start the session by discussing which areas of your life you'd like to see changes in. Together we see what shows up during the session and is ready for change. Infinite possibilities for change are possible as an energetic coherence begins to take place. During the energy session, you may be asked to stand and just BE, as she scans and calibrates with your energy field.